On behalf of the Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Links Incorporated, “WELCOME” to our website! The Links Incorporated is a nation-wide and international not for profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives and communities of African Americans and other persons of African ancestry. Founded in November 1946, there are over 14,000 members of the Links, Incorporated in 281 chapters located in 41 states, the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The Washington, D.C. Chapter, chartered in April 1948, is the oldest chapter in the District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area. It enjoys a rich legacy of friendship, community service and unwavering commitment to the goals, ideals and purposes of the Links Incorporated. We have 75 active and distinguished professional women who work together in friendship to make a measurable difference in our communities and to enrich the lives of those we serve. Thanks to our willing partners, generous donors and strong community ties, we have accomplished much in our rich 69 year history. The Thomas Young Scholarship Fund, our signature fund-raising initiative, provides eligible college students with 4 years of financial support.

Thanks to our willing partners, generous donors and strong community ties, we have accomplished much in our rich 68 year history. We support five collaborative program areas, known as facets: The Arts; Health and Human Services; International Trends and Services; National Trends and Services; and Services to Youth. Our goal is to empower communities to defy traditional distinctions and to embrace 21st century challenges for positive social, economical and educational change. Our mission is to supply the tools, resources and service hours to make change a reality. For example --

• To offer dental education and ongoing health screening for children and adults in our community, our Health and Human Services Facet developed an award winning program, “Links to a Healthy Smile”;

• To provide caregivers with critical information and resources on caregiving, our National Trends and Services Facet developed the award winning, “Family Caregivers Forum”. The Forum resulted in a National Links Incorporated initiative with AARP, “Are You Ready Program” and was later expanded to provide training for caregivers who work with children who have special needs and to identify support services for women veterans and their families;

• To close the race and gender gap in corporate and State Department jobs, Foreign Services appointments and other global careers, our International Trends and Services Facet implemented the Links International Business and Foreign Affairs Empowerment, (L.I.F.E.) program. The program exposes minority 9th and 10th graders to the vast international career choices available;

• To help students overcome their fear or intimidation of math concepts, our Services to Youth Facet developed the “Abacus Project”. The project provides creative, hands-on learning experiences for children which helps them to learn to have fun with math

• To expose and inspire area students in the performing arts, our Arts Facets developed the “Visiting Artist Program” which mentors selected young performers in their quest to develop their talent.

These are just a few examples of the dynamic, life changing, community-based programs undertaken by the Washington, D. C. Chapter. In the name of The Links Incorporated, the spirit of friendship and our love for our communities, we deliver real value to those we serve. We are the catalyst for positive change in our communites.

We invite you to visit our website and learn more about our many programs and events. We are committed to doing more and welcome the continuing generosity and support of our friends and neighbors.

Warm Regards,
Pamela Banks, Esq.
Washington, D.C. Chapter